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Lifestyle and Health Happiness is our church resource where you can quickly access books, videos, articles and valuable tools that will be of great help as you connect with God's desire for you to be in good health. >>more info 

Health Ministries reaches out to the community and is available to our members for the purpose of knowing God's great love for us through an understanding of His timeless principles of health. 

 ~Through the agencies of nature, God is working, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, to keep us alive, to build up and restore us. When any part of the body sustains injury, a healing process is at once begun; nature's agencies are set at work to restore soundness.  Ministry of Healing p 112

Our Health Ministry Snap Shot

2017 continues to bring No Fee Cooking Classes to the community of Summerville GA.  Dr. and Mrs. Aristide brought in the New Year with an inspiring healthy presentation at our first 2017 Cooking Class. Health Ministries is also reaching out to the community with the Healthy 10-day Challenge.  Successful Challenges in March and April were completed by our friends at the Subligna Baptists Church.  Participants are losing weight, lowering blood sugar, reducing cholesterol levels and having less symptoms of illness through the application of Bible Principles of Health. Please contact us for a free copy of Amazing Health Facts, we use this well written publication as a guide in the pursuit of better health.

2016 was kicked off with a Health Expo at the Summerville Train Depot. The 8 laws of health were the theme of the day. Guest experiences ranged from health screenings to taste testing. From those in attendance 15 people were selected for a pilot 10 day health challenge offered by the Summerville SDA church and The Vineyard Cafe and Juice Bar.

In July 2016 the chosen 15 Chattooga county residents embarked on a 10 day health challenge which impacted their lives for the better.  All experienced increased health and lower blood pressures, blood sugars, weight and cholesterol numbers.  The 10 Day Health Challenge continues to be a great experience that many many people of our community have decided to experience.

2015 hosted a 6 week series on reversing diabetes by Steve Wickham RN and Karen Wickham RN of Grundy County TN, recipients of the Governor's Volunteer Star Award from the state of Tennessee.  This vibrant healing summer program was presented by Health Ministry Leader Bobbi Robbins.  To learn more click > here

Dion McKinney, Respiratory Therapist from Summerville GA presented a Smoking Cessation Program in August 2105.  Dion is an excellent speaker with an undeniable passion for health.  We look forward to more presentations by this captivating health professional.


For more information on healthful living and vegetarian cooking, click >>> here.