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Out Reach Ministry

The Summerville SDA Church has a heartfelt passion for the Summerville community and their concerns. Listed below are some of our ongoing out reach ministries.
  • A Healthy Lending Library is sponsored by the Summerville SDA Church and is located at The Vineyard Restaurant, Rome Blvd.  
  • Free current publication of the "Signs of the Time" on a variety of subjects are free and located at the Ingles Store, Rome Blvd.
  • Healthy Cooking Classes are available the first Thursday of every month, 6:30pm at the Presbyterian Church Fellowship Room.
  • Northwest Homeschooling Group connects students of all ages with God's wonderful world learning.
  • Singles Ministry is under construction and will post events soon.
  • The "Random Acts of Kindness" ministry has recently become a formal ministry of our church. Blessing others with the helping hand in their time of need.
  • Hero of Hacksaw Ridge is a publication that has been strongly shared with our community and friends by the Summerville SDA Church. This book is the exciting testimony of a WW2 hero who kept his love for God and his fellow man first even in the heat of battle.

Looking Back
October of 2017 Summerville SDA participated in sharing the Pale Horse Rides series with the local community and our church family.  Studying the reformation and the passion for truth at the time of Martin Luther was like a kindling of a fire in the hearts of those who participated.

During the past two years  {2016, 2017) the church has led out with a Prophecy Seminar, a Family Life Expo and a Health Expo.  These have been free experiences for the community of Summerville Ga.  Sharing Health, Wellness and the Saving Bible Messages of Jesus with our community has been our focus. 


In 2015 we offered free car washes to the community and cool refreshments while the car owners waited on a No Fee Deluxe Auto Detail.  During the wait members of the church visited with the car owners and gathered information about what concerned them most. We quickly discovered that Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity and many other health concerns weigh heavy on their minds.

The Summerville SDA Church sponsored the first 10day Plant Based Nutrient Dense Food Challenge in Summerville and continues to promote health through diet, education and the 8 Laws of health.  Want to learn more?  Contact us and we'll be glad to provide you with free education material and a help.