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Bobbi Robbins opened the Cooking Class with some important facts about sugar. She encouraged the class to apply some simple rules when choosing what foods we should put into our body. Did God make it? Did man change it? God has packaged our foods in a way that works very well in our bodies and perserves our health.  Man often strips the fiber and nutrients out of food and condenses it into an addictive substance that tastes wonderful but is harmful to our health.
Eccl 10:10 was the scripture that was presented by Maritza McKinney as she demonstrated "Buttery Apple Streusel Oat Squares."  She explained that we must keep our tools sharp when working in the kitchen and she reminded us our body is a tool that should be maintained with rest, good nutrition and other health practices. Maritza then went on to share 2 types of "Caramel Sauces" that she enjoys over fruit and for dessert toppings. 

Vonelle McClover topped the evening off with a very quick "Vegan Cheese Cake" recipe. Amazing enough, this was a no bake recipe with lots of yummy whole food ingredients.  

Thank you to 
Soraya Murdock Asso. Health Ministry Leader of the Summerville SDA Church. You did a wonderful job organizing this amazing event.