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The movie Hacksaw Ridge tells the story of PFC Desmond Doss and his service during World War II. Seventh-day Adventist Desmond Doss was drafted into the United States army in April 1942. Desmond was eligible for deferment because he worked as a ship joiner at the Newport News naval shipyard but choose instead not to bear arms and to willingly serve in the medical corps where he was able to uphold his strong conviction to the 6th commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." 

During March 1944, he shipped out along with the rest of the 77th Division (the Statue of Liberty Division) for the Pacific Theater, first to Guam, then to Leyte in the Philippines, and finally to partake in the allied invasion of Okinawa, an island 340 miles south of mainland Japan. "I felt like it was an honor to serve God and country," Desmond said. "We were fightin' for our religious liberty and freedom."

During his service Desmond's strong devotion to Bible study, prayer and medical service won the confidence of those who served with him, especially during his Hacksaw Ridge experience. Army medic Desmond Doss found a way to single-handedly rescue roughly 75 wounded soldiers while under heavy mortar and gunfire. He lowered each man to safety down the jagged Maeda Escarpment on Okinawa. When recalling this event Desmond joyfully credits God for his ability to save so many lives.

PFC Desmond Doss was wounded before completing his tour of duty and the picture above shows President Harry S. Truman awarding Conscientious Objector Desmond Doss the Medal of Honor on October 12, 1945.

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