Covid-19 Safety Protocols

 Sabbath Services in the Presbyterian Church

Sabbath school 10am-11am

Divine service 11am-12:30pm


Presbyterian church is vacant from Sunday afternoon to Sabbath morning which is 5 + days:
Different Kinds of Surfaces [WebMD]

how long the virus can live on surfaces is listed below

Examples: doorknobs, jewelry, silverware
5 days

Examples: furniture, decking
4 days

Stainless steel
Examples: refrigerators, pots and pans, sinks, some water bottles
2 to 3 days

-”A study published found that at room temperature, COVID-19 was detectable on fabric for up to two
days “ Hackensack Meridian Health, John Sensakovic, M.D.  
According to these statistics, the chances of a contagious virus on any surface in the church building by
the end of the week is minimal, however, as an added precaution:]

-Hard surfaces subject to touch will be wiped down or sprayed with a sanitizer. [eg. Hard surfaces on
pews will be wiped down and Sabbath School rooms and rest rooms will be sprayed.]

-The church will continue to be cleaned once a week.

-Cold-air return filters with a high [perhaps 13] MERV rating [Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value]
will be installed.

-Outside doors will be propped open, [this reduces the amount of “touch points”].

-Fans will be located so as to bring air into and out of the building, [fresh air will circulate in the
sanctuary, SS rooms and the hallways].

-Areas of the Church’s building not used will not be accessible for members. This includes the
fellowship hall, kitchen, certain rooms and some hallways.

-Hand sanitizers will be available

-Sanctuary pews will be marked in accordance with social distancing guidelines, providing six feet of
distance between family units.